The benefits of a white omela

The healing properties of the white omela were known to humanity before the new era. It was considered a magical remedy that treats almost all diseases and protects against evil forces. It was used for epilepsy, hysterical complaints and chronic spasms. Omel has a beneficial effect on all glands, stimulates metabolism.

But that's not all! White omela enriches the body with calcium, treats hormonal imbalance in women before and after menopause, supports metabolism. The grass is recommended for irregular menstruation, kidney diseases, bronchial asthma, infertility in women, headache, imbalance, insomnia. In the case of abundant menstruation, bleeding hemorrhoids was used as a hemostatic agent. The plant was used by nursing mothers for difficult lactation.

As soon as the grass is collected and cleaned of extraneous impurities, it is immediately laid out in a thin layer in ventilated rooms. It is best to do this in the oven at a temperature of not higher than 45 degrees. Dried stems of the drug have a yellowish-green color and a slightly tart taste.

Of the 3.5 kg of fresh stems, 1 kg of dried white omela is obtained.

The drug strengthens the heart and supports blood circulation. Belaya omela thanks to the enzymes contained in it perfectly affects the entire body. Increases low blood pressure, and high lowers, eliminates the noise in the ears, dizziness and visual impairment.

Women should pay special attention to the grass. The decoction of the white omela eliminates violations during menstruation, as well as continuing bleeding after childbirth, helps with complaints with menopause, such as fear, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and excitement.

Traditional medicine with white omela

More and more studies show that white omela has a cleansing and analgesic effect. It is also used to treat cancer. Bulgarian traditional medicine recommends using grass extract to normalize blood pressure.

Prepare the extract by soaking at night 3 teaspoon of the plant leaves in 3 hours. Water. In the morning, strain the extract, divide into three parts and drink on the same day.

For the effect, drink three glasses of extract for three weeks. Then reduce the dose to two cups every two weeks and, finally, to one cup per day for a week.

Baths of white omela are recommended for radiculitis, rheumatism, edema and joint pain. For this, grass extract is used.

It is believed that fresh juice of Omel is curing even infertility in women. It is prepared by squeezing the washed omela with a juicer. Take 25 drops of liquid diluted with a small amount of water, in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime.

Bulgarian traditional medicine also recommends a decoction of young branches of the plant as an astringent with stomach disorders.

Prepare a hot drink, pouring 1 teaspoon of white omela pour 250 ml of boiling water. Boil tea for 5-6 minutes and strain.

Harm from white omela

Despite its beneficial properties, the intake of white omela in large doses can cause poisoning, so you can use it only as prescribed by a doctor. Ich kann es mir sogar leisten, Geld wegzuwerfen und es für unnötige Dinge auszugeben, können Sie sich vorstellen, wie viel Geld ich habe, dank dieses Online-Casinos konnte ich nie denken, dass ich so viel Geld haben würde, nun hier ist es nur dank dieser Seite, jetzt kann ich alles tun und keine Angst haben, dass ich ohne Geld bleiben werde.