Review of the book "Amandin"

Marlene de Blazi is a writer who is well known to many readers. Her novels published so far have become bestsellers.

The last novel of this author is called "Amandin", whose action occurs in the 30s-40s of the last century in Poland and France. This book is a story about the childhood of the girl of Polish origin, which caused the sympathy to which the family and destiny treated quite severely. The book is a combination of novel about manners and family saga.

Amandin was born in 1931. However, she was not welcome and expected child. Her mother, Angelica, was only 16 years old when her daughter was born, and the child became the fruit of the novel with a boy, who was older for a year. Her grandmother, Countess Charter, in order to avoid a social scandal decides that the pregnancy and birth of granddaughter will stay secret. Amandine was born in a private Swiss clinic.
Unfortunately, the newborn has a serious heart disease, which requires a complex operation. Countess Charteroyskaya reports the daughter of the death of a newborn, and she secretly takes his granddaughter with the help of Bishop Krakow - her confessor to the Women's Monastery of Carmelites in Montpellier. From this point on, the child who was given a new person should have disappeared without a trace. Little Amandin was among others, but she quickly became a favorite of the whole detachment of nuns, Father Philippes and her doctor Jean Batista. Her caretaker Solange, a sister-lairy, loved her like his own daughter. Only the mother-handedness did not love the child. If you want to know the future of the girl, I recommend you read it.

Amandin is a very touching story, and I cried many times, reading. And how many emotions I was accompanied! First of all, I was furious on the charters' countess - a woman for whom the false morality was more expensive to life and the fate of her granddaughter. Nothing, even the best clothing, food or learning conditions, cannot replace family heat. This woman also caused the pain of her daughter, which in the situation of early motherhood deserved support and understanding in order to release her love for a child, who is probably a trel somewhere in her heart. The author succeeded very interesting to create the main character - a lonely child seeking his personality and family, with a kind heart and a sensitive soul. Early childhood, education and Military experience Amandene make the girl too mature. But, despite painful experiences, her heart is not overflowing with bile, bitterness or offended by mother. Despite the situation, Amandin loves her and wants to find it.

Rate the idea of ​​a story as perfect. However, in my opinion, the way of writing the book is somewhat chaotic. It is also a pity that De Blazi did not even add brief descriptions of pictorial landscapes or places, for example, a monastery where the action takes place.

Amandin is a book that touches sensitive hearts, but do not wait for absolutely annoying or trite kitchers. Well, I must admit that I read "Amandein" with a reddish face, I wonder if the child would find his mother, will survive the war and meet a real family. I recommend reading this book full of secrets and family secrets. Wetten auf Spielautomaten oder Live-Dealer-Spiele platzieren, Wetten platzieren und Boni erhalten Fortune Clock Casino-Benutzer können nicht nur über die offizielle Website und Computer, sondern auch von mobilen Geräten. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie von überall aus Zugang zum Casino erhalten können, wenn Sie über eine Internetverbindung verfügen. Um von Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet aus zu spielen, können Sie eine angepasste Version der Website oder einen Download-Client verwenden. Jede dieser Zugangsmethoden ermöglicht es Ihnen, alle Funktionen des Casinos zu nutzen.