Pomegranate - the key to muscular strength

It may be news for you that the grenade is beautiful for muscle strength. Nevertheless, you can still know about the benefits of the health of this superfruit. Pomegranate is rich in nutrients and has various health benefits. Each part of the fetus, from the bone to the peel, is useful in its own way.

Look below, as different parts of the fruit contain different nutrients:
1. Juice: anthocyanis, quercetin, vitamin C, gallic acid, allagic acid, catechins.
2. Peel and flesh: Glagic acid, quercetin, Punikalgin, Kempferol.
3. Seeds: conjugated linolenic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid, energic acid.
4. Flower: Ursol Acid, Oleanol Acid, Anthocyanins.
5. Roots and Cora: Gallean Acid, N-methylisopellium, Pulkotanic acid, pelletier, mannitol.

All these nutrients and antioxidants in aggregate improve your health, and also have sports advantages.

The role of grenade in muscle strength
When performing dynamic and complex exercises, the muscles are strongly wearing. They carry large loads depending on the intensity of the workout.

Stress caused by exercises is quite normal and is a natural reaction of the body at exercises. Pomegranate juice contains strong antioxidants that improve your health and energy level. It is shown that a large amount of polyphenols, quercetin and nitrates contained in grenades improve physical performance and, in particular, muscle strength.

Polyphenols: This reduces inflammation and maintains a cardiovascular system, which improves muscle recovery and increase strength.

Quercetin: It not only reduces inflammation, but also removes toxins, minimizing damage to the cells in the body. It also contributes to muscle recovery and improving physical performance.

Nitrates: They improve sports results and help transform plant food into nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide expands blood vessels, improving the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. This process is designed to improve cardiorespiratory management and muscle improvement.

Additional health benefits
Healthy heart: Pomegranate is also known for its cardioprotic properties. Its daily consumption is useful to reduce arterial solidification and reduced blood pressure. It also controls cholesterol levels.

Alternative to the GRT: Grenade is known in that it is a rich source of polyphenols or phenols, natural phytoestrogen, which is a safe alternative to replacement hormone therapy used to reduce the risk of breast cancer. https://spacecenter.od.ua/ru/predprinimatel-maks-polyakov-priobrel-yuzhnoafrikanskuyu-kompaniyu-proizvoditelya-sputnikov-dragonfly/