Terms for car blogging

Adjusted maximum cost
The final amount of your rental, which, together with the residual value and the monetary factor, will be used to define your payments. The adjusted limit value is calculated by subtracting reducing capitalized costs from gross capitalized cost.

Air payment
An unusually high payment payable at the end of the financing period, which delays most of the actual payments to the principal to the end of the loan. Most of the payments are percent, so monthly payments remain low. However, the car is not fully paid at the end of the deadline, and a large one-time payment is required to close the loan. Not typically for most situations associated with the purchase of cars.

Basic model
Usually the least expensive version of the machine you buy. The basic model includes all standard equipment, but without additional options.

Purchase rate
The lowest rate (APR), which the dealer can assign you to finance the purchase of a car. Then dealers can increase this bet

Redemption price (leasing)
This is the price you pay at the end of the rental period for buying a car. It is similar to the residual value, but also includes any final rental payments. Pay special attention to this amount, if there is a chance that you want to buy a car after the expiration of the lease. You must make sure that the price of redemption is close to the actual cost of the car at the end of the rental period. Check the prices of similar models that are several years to ensure that the ransom price is in the range.

Capitalized value
Also known as the adjusted maximum cost, the term used in leasing, which denotes the total amount of money funded by leases. This will include a part of the car's cost (purchased price minus residual value) plus any additional costs (purchase fee).

Reducing capitalized costs (leasing)
The term leasing relating to everything that reduces the overall clean capitalized value (total amount to be financing). This may include an advance payment, a manufacturer's discount or an exchange that reduces the total amount needed to finance, and all this will reduce your monthly payments.

Wholesale / Wholesale price
Under the wholesale price are used cars that are sold between dealers. Wholesale price for dealers is paid, usually much less retail price that you pay when buying a car from the party. Wholesalers can come with auctions, other dealer centers or specialized wholesale dealers that help promote cars to other dealer centers. Lucky Bird ist von der Glücksspielkommission von Curacao lizenziert. Das Online-Casino bietet verschiedene Spiele, zahlreiche Modelle mit echten Dealern, Boni, Turniere und andere Möglichkeiten. Spieler können dieses Casino auf der offiziellen Website genauer erkunden. luckybird-casino.de Die Lucky Bird Casino Plattform kann sowohl von einem Computer als auch von einem Telefon auf der Website genutzt werden. Die Spieler können die App nutzen, um bequem von ihren Geräten aus zu spielen.