Stylish Rubber Boots: Actual Trends

Now rubber boots are one of the most popular types of shoes and is very strange to realize that quite recently they seemed only to the remnant of the past. Recalling at least such Rubber Kalosh Popular in Tsarist Russia and an integral part of the Soviet children's wardrobe Rubber boots.

However, the constantly changing Fashion, the next Regulation "New - this is well forgotten old" allowed the male and female rubber boots to return to life and find unprecedented popularity.

Today, stylish rubber boots are not only a means of salvation from slush in autumn and winter periods, first of all, now this is a popular and fashionable accessory.

With its popularity, rubber boots are obliged to be plentiful winter sediments who pushed the European fashionistas to find a more suitable shoe for such weather.

Fashionable rubber boots are an amazing combination of style and comfort. According to beauty, they are not inferior to suede ankle shoe, absolutely not suitable for slush. Rubber boots are on heels without it, monophonic, bright colors, with interesting fashion drawings and additional prints. In addition, such shoes are distinguished by comfort and warmth.

The first popularity to rubber boots came in the UK, where the features of the rainy climate forced the local residents to find a more suitable shoes for such conditions.

Kate Moss The first preferred rubber boots, abandoning traditional fashion shoes. Soon the followers of Queen Podium became Ashley Olsen, Angelina Jolie, Ann Hathaway, Hilary Duff, Sarah Jesic Parker.

The relevance of the "Star" trend spurred the leading designers to quickly respond to the popularity of such shoes - there were also beautiful and unusual new collections of rubber boots. For example, fashionable brand Jimmy Choo together with Hunter introduced rubber boots trimmed under crocodile skin in a limited collection.

Jimmy Choo is not the only representative of the global modern fashion that pays decent attention to constantly changing fashion laws and producing branded rubber boots. Mark Jacobs, Celine and Dolce & Gabbana also represent stylish and interesting rubber boots. The famous Burberry brand distinguished his own, rubber shoes by the corporate cell, and FENDI rubber boots are so elegant that they became an excellent alternative to classic leather boots. If you don't want to be cheated, then visit the honest online casino reviews page. Only here you will find reliable information about the gambling clubs.