Media on the Internet: Will the browser win a newspaper?

The global onset of the Internet continues with an active pace, the whole industry for the production of electronic equipment produces netbooks, tablet computers and mobile phones only in order to satisfy the growing passion of mankind to the World Wide Web. All these changes radically influenced the media - the circulations of newspapers and magazines over the past decade are rapidly falling down. Now you rarely meet a newspaper reader at a table of a cafe or bistro-the sheets of paper covered with beads have replaced netbooks and tablets. Of course, a gradual decrease in newspaper circulations is partly regretted, because a whole era leaves that was forever imprinted in the memory of the shouts of the station-stitches, glass stands With fresh numbers in squares and newspaper pioneering hats that forced the counselors blue from rage. But is it worth burying the newspaper? Indeed, even among the young generation there are many opponents of reading electronic text, which fundamentally watch the news only on paper. The newspaper also is of greater interest for advertisers than electronic media. Why? Because any newspaper publication is a limited piece of information, which, together with advertising, will study the reader deeper. The user usually views the Internet site superficially, and even then, only in the presence of intriguing headings and announcements. The reader pays some penny for the newspaper, and not a single person will throw out the just purchased number-even if he is not interesting, all the same, he reads something. The user does not pay anything for the site, and if he turns out to be uninteresting, then there is a whole sea of ​​other information portals where there is something to read. No less on the Internet, in addition to the text, animation, sound, and videos are displayed. Naturally, this attracts the vast majority of users, especially the younger generation, which does not really love to read. Because of this, many former newspaper publications were forced to hire television operators, and a whole staff of designers and programmers to maintain their portal. It becomes difficult for print media to compete with Internet magazines and even just blogs, so the release of the printed and electronic version is the only way out. Most likely, newspapers will rise in price after some time, but they will undoubtedly not disappear from the shelves. Unbegrenzte Casinos sind sehr beliebt, da es viele Anbieter mit Auszahlungsbeschränkungen gibt. Dies bedeutet, dass viele Benutzer ihre Gewinne nur teilweise oder über einen bestimmten Zeitraum erzielen können. In No Limit Casinos können Spieler auf dem Portal Ihre Gewinne sind vollständig, ohne lange zu warten. Ein Casino ohne Einzahlungslimit kann wie ein ganz normales Phänomen erscheinen. Einzahlungslimits werden jedoch immer häufiger verwendet.