Effect and properties of nandrolone decanoate Nandrolone, although it is a derivative of testosterone, in contrast to it, has a more pronounced anabolic effect due to its variable androgenic nature. 

And at the same time, it is ineffective alone, which requires a tandem with testosterone, which allows you to achieve a more balanced anabolic effect with less development of negative reactions when using drugs separately. Nandrolone is created synthetically, it has a different anabolic prolonged effect depending on its ester (decanoate, phenylpropionate). 

The steroid stimulates the synthesis, transport and accumulation of proteins in the tissues of the body, as a result of which it increases the retention of nitrogen in the muscles, which leads to a sharp increase in their volume by 15% in the first month of the course. Among other things, the accumulation of other substances, Price Nandrolone both useful and harmful, increases, so the overall result and health indicators will directly depend on the quality of nutrition. At the molecular level, the structure of nandrolone is identical to testosterone, the only difference is the absence of methyl group 19, which is the reason for its additional name "19-nortestosterone".

This structural feature made it possible to improve the stabilization of the receptors, which made it possible for them to be in the cells in the active phase for much longer and, therefore, to maintain the anabolic effect itself (the function of synthesis and accumulation of proteins in cells) longer. Actually, all this makes nandrolone a much better anabolic than testosterone. 

If we compare nandrolone and testosterone administered in equal proportions, the amount of nandrolone administered binds better to androgen receptors than a similar amount of testosterone. But the peculiarities of this connection have their disadvantages if you use nandrolone only alone. The positive properties of nandrolone include a completely different activity of androgens, in contrast to testosterone and DHT derivatives, which in turn reduces aggression on the prostate, less often skin and hair problems occur.