Dubai Taxi - Uber, Careem, Or RTA?

Are you looking for a Dubai taxi? You may be unsure which one is right for your trip. You can use Uber, Careem, or a regular RTA taxi. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each one. There are also tips for travelers to help them make an informed decision. The UAE has several taxi services, so it is easy to find one that works for you. In addition, there are several ways to save money on your next trip.


Ride-hailing services have become a mainstay of the Dubai taxi scene, but cabs are facing stiff competition from apps like Uber and Careem. Although both services started in Dubai, Uber was the first, and Careem followed in early 2020. Although the two ride-hailing apps are affiliated, they have different rates and vehicles. Uber's prices are generally higher than Careem's, and the company's drivers are reputed to be more knowledgeable than those of Careem.

Currently, there are two main Uber in Dubai taxi services available at the airports, DXB and Al Maktoum International Airports. Both services have professional drivers and offer a wide range of services. Users can choose from standard vehicles, premium ones, family vehicles and luxury cars. For more information about Uber taxis, visit the Road and Transportation Authority's website. If you're traveling to Abu Dhabi, the company has Uber taxis there, too.

For a Dubai taxi, you can launch a Careem clone app that will serve the same purpose. Careem has many benefits, but it's a great way to make your app stand out from the crowd. It's fast, convenient, and consumes fewer resources. The company behind Uber for Taxi, Apurple, can help you get your taxi app off the ground in Dubai. They will customize Uber for Taxi clones for your needs.


Uber's Middle East rival Careem has partnered with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to launch a new taxi service. The new service, known as Hala, will be offered through Careem's app. This partnership is the first of its kind worldwide, and will make booking a taxi faster and smoother than ever. It is aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the city and reducing the number of private e-hailing cars on the road.

Both Uber and Careem offer convenient ride-hailing services, and if you have a pre-booked ride, you can hail a taxi. Both services are convenient, and the convenience of hailing a taxi is often superior to pre-booking a car at the Dubai Airport. The main disadvantage to pre-booking a car is that you may not be able to get to your desired location as quickly or as conveniently as you would have liked. You may have to deal with a taxi rank's upsells, and these costs are actually one AED per kilometer.

The app offers various benefits, including a loyalty programme. Careem's loyalty program helps its customers reward loyalty and receive discounts. In addition, you can now use Careem Hala in conjunction with your Hala ride. By using the Careem app, you can get a taxi in Dubai for the same price as your RTA ride. Depending on the time of day, the starting fee for a taxi on Hala varies, but you can rest assured that you will never pay more than what you owe.

RTA taxi

If you are in need of a ride in Dubai, you can use the RTA taxi in Dubai app. You can easily search for available taxis, find the location of your nearest taxi and make payments using a recharge card. The app supports wearable watch as a mode of payment. It also lets you register for the ride and log in to continue your journey. In the app, you can discuss your needs with the RTA agents. You can also view your profile and find important links on your personalized dashboard. There are also parking services for guests who want to park their cars.

Booking an RTA taxi in Dubai is easy and convenient. The app also allows you to use the bus and Dubai Metro. The fare is the same as other RTA taxi bookings. With the app, you can plan your trip and manage Nol with ease. The app also offers real-time traffic updates. Download it for free on the Apple Store or Google Play. Once you download the app, booking an RTA taxi in Dubai will become a quick and hassle-free process.

The RTA has also announced plans to trial driverless vehicles and e-Hail services in the city by the end of 2023. The agreement is expected to launch in 2023, making Dubai the first city outside the US to have autonomous vehicles. Dubai plans to operate the service as early as 2023, but a limited number will be available. The city is already preparing for the new technology and has signed an agreement with Cruise Company, a majority-owned subsidiary of General Motors.